About me


I'm a graphic designer, exhibition designer and visual artist based in Copenhagen.



The overlap between photography and drawing interests me - between reality and fiction. From a distance the images look like a photo, but as you move closer, you realise it's just a whole load of watercolour dots. A pixilated reality. Seen up close, the images dissolve into an abstract pattern of brush marks.

I'm attracted to the slowness involved in creating these drawings. Each dot is painted individually using an ultra thin brush. The images are very simple but the process of making them requires patience. They take their time.

// 'Manimal, is a series of human portraits combined with animals, toys, plants and masks. It playfully explores the boundaries of the human body.

// The series 'Decay' portrays the aesthetics of decay. Something ugly and disposable is given attention, patience and poetry in the drawing.

// 'Quiet' is a series of 3 - forest, ocean and sky, full of sound and movement, made quiet in the drawing.

// The series 'Openings' shows beautiful images of openings, without revealing what lies behind. 



Contact me if you are interested in one of the pictures from my online exhibitions.



Trine Sandreuter
Graphic Designer, Cand. arch. / The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture

E: trinesandreuter@gmail.com
M: +45 6160 0711